A young girl sits on a carpet, focusing on colorful building blocks arranged on a montessori sensory board, primarily in green, red, and blue. her hands are poised to adjust a block.

What are Montessori toys?

Montessori toys motivate and teach your child to play freely and independently, practising skills needed in everyday life.

These toys support the Montessori method’s focus on hands-on, practical learning and are tailored to meet the developmental needs of children from infants to five-year-olds. They also promote sensory development and provide a tactile experience. They align with the Montessori approach to teaching, which aims to help children reach their full potential by giving them the freedom to pursue their interests. Montessori-inspired toys are made from natural materials, simply designed, and reinforce single skills, sparking curiosity and allowing for the repetition of skills needed in daily life.

By integrating Montessori toys early in your child’s life, you’re setting a foundation for enhanced cognitive, motor, and social skills. Montessori toys are often made from natural materials, which align with the Montessori philosophy.

Your child is imagination will be engaged for hours, solving all sorts of mini-tasks without asking you for help. These toys not only engage them but also encourage the development of fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities, supporting their growth in a fun, educational manner by focusing on practicing one skill at a time.

Did you know that 85% of a child’s brain volume develops by age three (A.S. Dekaban et al. 1978)? Choosing Montessori toys as early as possible means helping your little one reach their full potential. Early exposure to Montessori principles can significantly influence their learning and development trajectory, making playtime both fun and fruitful.

Why Are Montessori Toys Better?

InvenToy Montessori Toys are the healthiest alternative to excessive screen time. They are crafted to enhance children’s developmental skills through engaging, hands-on play that encourages longer attention spans and a deeper understanding of practical life skills.

  • Promote practical life skills and encourage independence in children
  • Nurture problem-solving skills through the use of tweezers, spoons, and block sets
  • Help children develop focus and attention span
  • Improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Makes learning fun for kids

Safety Certified for 0-3 Year Olds

Safety standards for 0-3 year olds regulate toy size, material, manufacturing process, and more. We match them all. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest safety standards, providing you with peace of mind while your child learns and grows.

Carefully Selected Natural Materials

We use non-toxic paint and materials to create surfaces and textures for a safe and stimulating sensory experience. Each toy is crafted to not only be safe but also environmentally friendly, ensuring that we protect our planet for our children's future.

Sustainably Sourced

Manufactured at an award-winning factory that uses only sustainably forested wood and 100% recyclable packaging. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting sustainable practices in every aspect of our production.

Montessori Toys by Age

Want more choices? Start by browsing our Montessori toy categories. We classify our toys by age. That way, you'll always be able to find an age-appropriate toy that's challenging but not frustrating for your child. That's the sweet spot! From infants to school-aged children, our toys are designed to challenge, engage, and educate, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We understand where you’re coming from. We are aunts, uncles, and parents who try to create toys we’d gladly gift to our own children. Our toys are designed to withstand the test of time, becoming cherished parts of your child’s playtime memories.

  • You will experience the traditional Montessori method adjusted to match the realities of modern life. Our toys seamlessly integrate into daily routines, providing children with the opportunity to learn and grow through play.

  • You get toys approved by experts. Both kids and experts agreed on every toy design, making our toys fun and educational at the same time. Each toy is backed by educational research to enhance developmental skills through playful learning, encouraging kids to learn as they play.

  • You’re becoming a member of the InvenToy family. This includes personalized discounts, gifts, early holiday access, free educational articles, and a host of other perks.

  • We honor a firm risk-free return policy. If your child doesn’t like one of our toys, you can always replace it with another toy or return it and get your money back.

  • You are guaranteed 100% secure payment methods. We accept all payment cards, PayPal, and Afterpay transactions.

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100.000+ Satisfied Customers

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About InvenToy

The InvenToy team gathers around the shared belief of a group of parents, aunts, and uncles that they can make a real difference in the lives of the children they love. That’s us! We are driven by a passion for creating educational experiences that promote children’s well-being, learning, and fun.

We noticed a pattern we didn’t like: even the newest, shiniest toys were often left untouched, while screens and devices took too much of the children’s attention. This observation has driven us to develop toys that are not only educational but also irresistibly engaging.

Inspired by Maria Montessori’s philosophy, we took her child-centered approach that emphasizes hands-on, active learning and practical life skills and adapted it to fit today’s world. Our approach ensures that children enjoy their educational journey as much as they benefit from it.

A stroller and pull toy can help toddlers learn balance and coordination by allowing them to push dolls, stuffed animals, or other small friends around.

FAQ For Montessori Toys

Find out everything you want to know about Montessori Toys

Why are Montessori toys wooden?

Montessori toys are not necessarily wooden, even tough wood is our personal preference. Organic materials, such as our carefully selected woods, are safe and harmless since they contain no dangerous substances. Additionally, they are much more durable than ordinary plastic toys.

Are Montessori toys better?

Absolutely! Combining the Montessori approach with the most recent studies on child psychology has resulted in significantly more advanced and inventive toys than any other everyday toy.

How to organize toys Montessori way?

Toys should be placed within the child's reaching distance. Occasionally, you should disrupt this order to stimulate your child to put them back where they belong. This will slowly but surely instill a sense of order into your child's mind.

What are some must-have Montessori toys?

What makes a toy Montessori?

A Montessori-aligned toy can be any toy that allows a child to practice everyday life skills. It also needs to encourage independence and self-sufficiency.

Why are Montessori toys so expensive?

The price of Montessori toys is dictated by the cost of the high-quality materials they are made of. While we try to make our toys as accessible as possible, we would never compromise on quality in order to make them cheaper.

Why Montessori toys?

Because Montessori toys nurture playing with purpose.

Are Montessori toys worth it?

Of course!

Think of it as an investment in your child's future rather than an unnecessary expense. Many of the world's most successful people have partaken in Montessori education. Some of them are:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, former first lady (John F. Kennedy)

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